Visiting Guatemala: Santiago Atitlan and the Spanish colonial capital of Antigua [Part Four]

We left Panajachel for Antigua on the morning of our fourth day, but first we took a boat ride to Santiago Atitlan, another quaint town along the lakeshore. Dad was thrilled about the life jackets we were forced to wear. Safety first!

We then squeezed ourselves into a tuk-tuk for a quick ride up to another Catholic church and a smaller Mayan market, where I bought two handmade shirts.

If I’m being honest, Santiago Atitlan didn’t do much for me. I would have rather had additional time in either Panajachel or Antigua. The market was small and the church was just ok (though to be fair, I’m not usually impressed by churches). But the boat ride was delightful, and the tuk-tuk ride is one of those things you just have to do, so all-in-all I enjoyed it.

We stopped for a quick group photo (Tony took the picture, so he isn’t in it).

When we arrived in Antigua, I was ready for some down time, so while Dad explored the city, I relaxed by the jacuzzi for an hour or so before venturing to the bar for…you guessed it…a Gallo beer! This was my favorite hotel of the entire trip, the Camino Real Antigua. I wish I could have taken the bed home with me, it was so comfortable.

A couple of the hotels we stayed at had these amazing courtyards and gardens. It felt like paradise!


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  1. I love the red tuk-tuks and boats. Nice size group.
    The tree blooming in azalea pink is quite unique.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

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