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Tips for Effective Public Speaking

For many employees, especially leaders in highly visible positions, effective public speaking is just another part of the job. Whether it’s addressing the media, motivating employees, making an innovative pitch or speaking to the community, watching a talented orator deliver an effective presentation can be both inspiring and intimidating – especially to those of us […]


3 Easy Ways to Improve Office Productivity

Office productivity sometimes feels elusive, especially when we lose our focus, let our priorities get muddied or allow petty drama to consume our thoughts. We humans love our shiny objects, but luckily there are ways to overcome those silly distractions and boost office productivity. In the weeks leading up to my wedding, I received a […]


Visiting California: Lake Tahoe in January

Mike and I love snowboarding.  We love snow in general.  I probably get a little bit more excited about snow than he does, but the point is we both love it.  Which is why it was a bit disappointing our trip to Lake Tahoe was scheduled during an unusually warm January. Most of the snow […]