The 5 Best: Pens for Everyday Writing


I’ve always been a bit of a handwriting freak. R/PeanshipPorn is one of my favorite subreddits.

I think it began when I was young. I remember my mom teaching me the “right” way to hold a pen between my thumb and forefinger. She said holding it that way would give me those most control over the shape of the letters to ensure my writing was neat and legible. For the most part, she was right, and I still hold my pen that way (unless I’m in a hurry and resort to scribbled note taking).

Anyway, because of my obsession with handwriting and penmanship, I’ve also developed a somewhat unusual but not totally extraordinary love of pens and it’s totally normal no reason to judge me KEEP WALKING.

Nothing is worse than finding yourself without a pen and being forced to use whatever your friends or coworkers have lying around. It’s like eating with a stranger’s fork.

But in college, I borrowed stole a pen from a classmate and it ended up being the first pen I’ve ever used until the ink ran out – that’s how much I loved it. For a while, it was the only type of pen I would buy because I felt so emotionally attached to it. I did eventually start branching out, and have found five pens to be the most reliable and comfortably suited to my handwriting style.

I have listed them here for you, in no particular order.

1: Pilot G2 Limited (Fine Gel Rollerball)

I love the weight of this pen! The barrel and grip fit really nicely between my fingers. It’s a little bit thicker than what I usually write with, but the ink flows smoothly and it’s really nice and bold. If you’re feeling fancy, you can buy a Mont Blanc refill from Staples, sand down the plastic end a tiny bit, and it will fit nicely into the Pilot for a deeply discounted fine-writing experience.
Buy it here.

2: Uni-Ball Signo 207 (Ultra Micro Gel Pen)

This is another pen that’s really comfortable to hold. It’s a micro tip, so that makes it easy to write small and detailed when necessary.
Buy it here.

3: Pilot Precise V5 RT (Rollerball)

This pen leaves nice, juicy ink when I use it, which is honestly infrequent because it’s not as comfortable to hold, but if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll reach for this one.
Buy it here.

4: Pentel RSVP (Fine Ballpoint)

This is my all-time favorite pen. I keep about five of them in my purse at all times. The ink isn’t as dark and bold as the others, but it’s so easy to write with and feels great in my hand.
Buy it here.

5: Sharpie Pen (Fine Marker/Pen Hybrid)

This is my second favorite pen and my go-to pen for keeping track of to-do lists and appointments in my planner. My planner paper is thick enough to prevent bleed through, which happens on thinner paper when I use this pen.
Buy it here.

BONUS: Adrienne’s Favorite

Adrienne, my friend and classmate at Syracuse, has some of the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen. When I decided to write this list, I knew I had to show you a sample. Adrienne says, “I fell in love with the Pilot Réxgrip 0.5mm pen when I lived in Japan and mass ordered a supply of them.”

What do you think? Do you use any of these pens? What are your favorites?


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