Visiting Washington DC: Highlights from our recent trips

Last May, my mom moved to DC. She got a new job with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. It was an opportunity she couldn’t turn down, so just a few months after Mike and I moved to Hampton Roads, she relocated three hours north. Mike and I went to visit early in the summer. He’d never really been to DC or done the touristy stuff, so we spent a warm and sunny day exploring.

We started off at the Law Enforcement Memorial – a very emotional place for Mike (and me). After that, we walked around near the capitol building and all the way down the mall to the WWII monument.

In September, I drove up with my Aunt Betsy and we spent a day walking around Mt. Vernon.

My mom is retiring in May after one year in DC. She’s moving to a town in North Carolina where we lived for a couple of years when I was in elementary school and middle school. I’m looking forward to many years of holidays and visits spent in her cozy new home.


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