A Backyard Engagement!

Back in September, my sorority sister, Taylor, and her boyfriend, Brandon, came to stay with us. I’d won a “VIP Party” at a bar nearby and needed them to come down so I could meet the minimum head count to take advantage of the VIP perks. That turned out to be a bust (I didn’t read the fine print about getting to the bar before 9:00…rip off…thanks for nothing TAPPS!) but the weekend was still a success.

Earlier in the month Brandon messaged me about his proposal idea for Taylor. He wanted to surprise her and knew the weekend they were visiting would be perfect, so we got to work planning the whole thing out. Mike and I put together some decorations for our back deck so Brandon just had to remember to pack the ring.

He’d made sure Taylor believed the ring wouldn’t be ready until closer to December (she was well aware the proposal was imminent, she just didn’t know when).

Saturday the 27th was the Florida State vs. NC State game. Mike and Brandon spent most of the day smoking meat while Taylor and I drank away the afternoon in front of the TV. After dinner, I lured Taylor out of the house by asking her to come make-up shopping with me. That didn’t quite waste the amount of time the boys needed to get everything set up back at the house, so Mike put in a fake request for me to pick up deodorant on my way home. I spent several minutes sniffing all the deodorant options and I think Taylor may have started to get suspicious.

On the way home, I missed our exit and had to turn around. This gave Mike and Brandon an extra 15 minutes or so, and they had plenty of time to get everything together.

When Taylor and I pulled into the driveway, all the lights in the house were off. The front door was open, but the glass storm door was shut. Through the door, Taylor noticed the trail of tea light candles making a path through the living room. I told her she could go on inside while I got my bag out of the car. At this point, I’m pretty sure she knew.

I ran around the back of the house to grab my camera (which ended up not having a memory card in it…). By the time I got back to the deck, Brandon was getting up off his knee and Taylor had buried her face in his chest. I assume he said something romantic.

Mike and I had built a wall and filled it with pictures of Taylor and Brandon’s relationship.

I had hoped to get better pictures of the whole thing but time was working against me and I just couldn’t quite get it right.

Regardless, I was so happy Brandon chose to propose at our house. I am very lucky to have a friend like Taylor and still feel honored to have been a part of this special memory.

After the proposal, we all went to the bar (without VIP Perks) to celebrate. We ended up not staying long due to a combination of exhaustion and inebriation, so we caught an Uber back home and sat around the fire for a while.

This week, Mike and I are heading up to DC to officially celebrate with friends at Taylor and Brandon’s engagement party. CHEERS!

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    How gorgeous that you got to be part of the whole thing! Gorgeous ring, and man, you guys did a wicked job of the photo wall. I'm sure you've got a kick ass Christmas present coming your way from those two! đŸ˜‰

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    So sweet!!!

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