Visiting Norfolk: Nauticus and the Battleship Wisonsin

On Sunday Mike and I met my Dad to explore the Nauticus Museum and Battleship Wisconsin.  The Battleship is berthed in downtown Norfolk.  We explored the massive ship and also the maritime and naval museums in the adjacent building.  Going anywhere with my Dad is like having a free tour guide – he knows a lot about warships from his deployments with the Navy and is also a walking encyclopedia when it comes to historical facts, so we don’t even have to pay attention to the exhibits when he’s around.

We also took a two-hour cruise around the Elizabeth River and down past the Norfolk Naval Station where there are several destroyers and carriers docked.  The ships are massive and so expensive it’s hard to comprehend.

It was a beautiful day – low 80s with a warm breeze, perfect for touristing outside with AC available when it got too hot.  Being on the ferry really made Mike and I want to get a boat, though.  I need to start playing the lottery.

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