So we closed on March 7, a Friday.  We moved in that weekend and it’s been a blast. I don’t even know how to recap the last couple of months so I’m not going to.  Let’s just pick up and act like it hasn’t been two months since my last post.

This is our house! The overgrown tree there has since been cut back. We also had four HUGE out of control Crepe Myrtles on the property and those got trimmed to a nice manageable size.

So far the neighborhood has been great.  Our neighbors are friendly and have offered to lend us lawn mowers and cups of sugar, you know, neighborly things.

We have four bedrooms now, so two of them are guest rooms and the room over the garage will be the man cave. We still don’t have furniture for it, but Mike will slowly make it his.  The kitchen is not quite as luxurious as the one we left behind, but it will do.  Mike made his first beer – he said it was good but told me I wouldn’t like it so I haven’t tried it.  It took a month to make…two weeks to ferment and then two weeks to carbonate in a dark cabinet under our bathroom sink.

It’s been an easy adjustment thanks to the help of my parents.  We could not have done it without them.  We’ve been trying to get out and explore the area and now that Mike’s Jeep is up and running again we’re looking forward to a fun summer outside.

Taylor was our first house guest!  She came last weekend and we went shopping up at the Williamsburg outlets.  We also played True American, the game invented on the show New Girl.  It’s difficult with just three people but we had a lot of fun…I think.

I’ve been having a good time at work and am thankful it’s a casual environment. I don’t have to wear stuffy business suits and everyone is very laid back as far as the atmosphere is concerned.  Mike is going stir crazy as an unemployed house-husband but hopefully all the applications he has put out there will land something soon.

I’ve been trying to wear my hair natural to avoid the damaging heat of my flat iron. Some days are better than others.

That’s all for now.

Hi mom.


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  1. Your new house is so cute!Is your hair naturally that wavy? It's gorgeous. My hair wishes it could be wavy, but usually just settles on frizzy.

  2. Your house is adorable! PS. Your hair looks gorgeous natural. Look at those waves. Hope everything is well!

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