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The three most stressful things in life are moving, starting a new job, and buying a house.  In a rare stroke of genius, Mike and I decided to do all three at once.

Buying a house has been the most frustrating, overwhelming, informative, and rewarding process of my life.  My initial experience with becoming a home owner was limited to what I learned from House Hunters International and Property Virgins.  You may be shocked to know a camera crew does not actually follow you around and the homes in your budget will likely be much older and smaller than the couples on TV can afford.  Also, when you buy a house, it’s going to be a seller’s market.  When you’re ready to sell your house, it will be a buyer’s market.

Our realtor, Pam Schrage with Keller Williams, was referred to us by a family member.  She has been so patient and informative during the whole process and we would definitely recommend her.  Pam showed me the house on January 26, a Sunday.  I immediately liked it a lot and knowing it was a foreclosure made me love it.  We could get a great deal.  Unfortunately, there was already an offer on it, but because the banks are closed on weekends we had time to make an offer.  In an effort to avoid getting out-bid, we didn’t lowball the bank and only offered $900 below the asking price (which still happened to be $13,000 less than what the house appraised for).  The bank accepted our offer on January 29th but stipulated the house would be sold “as is,” meaning they wouldn’t make any updates or repairs to the property.

I originally saw the house without Mike as he was still in South Carolina tying up loose ends.  After the bank accepted our offer, we went back out to see the house with Pam.  Mike saw the house for the first time after we’d already decided to buy it, but luckily he loved it.  There were some obvious repairs to be made which we expected with a foreclosure.  The prior owners obviously didn’t have the money to maintain it.

We signed about 537298513 documents in the span of 2 weeks.  We had to re-sign the same documents several times as mistakes and typos kept surfacing and other information needed to be updated.  We had to confirm Mike’s Veteran status to be eligible for a VA loan and low interest rate.  We had to get the homeowners insurance quote and send in copies of literally every piece of personal information.  Bank statements. Tax returns.  Pay stubs.  Proof that our house in SC was being rented and that we had enough money to cover that mortgage in case our tenant was late on a payment.  We had to explain where every penny came from.  Then there were more forms.  Forms upon forms.  I signed my name so many times it stopped looking like my name and started looking like a foreign language.

For most of the four weeks after we decided to buy the house, I was grumpy.  It seemed like every day either the realtor or the lender would call and ask for something else, or tell us something had fallen through and we needed to resubmit certain paperwork.  Then we had the house inspection.  Termite damage. The roof, windows, and water heater all need to be replaced.  The pipes had burst during the snow storm in January and we had some wall and water damage in the kitchen and garage (which luckily the bank took care of fixing).  It was very overwhelming when I looked at the full list and I often wondered what the hell we were signing up for.  Luckily Mike and my mom were able to talk me off the ledge.  Most of the repairs were minor and nothing some elbow grease couldn’t take care of.  The roof, windows, and water heater all need to be replaced, but not at once.  We can attack those things over the next year or so.

When we had the appraisal by the VA, they listed a few repairs that needed to be made before they’d approve the loan.  This was a week before we were scheduled to close and seemed like more money out of pocket to buy the stupid house.  I guess we had some good Karma in reserve because the listing agent decided to take care of that for us – a few shingles were replaced, some holes in the vinyl siding were fixed, and the tree limbs near the house were trimmed back.  We’re scheduled to close tomorrow.

It’s been a five-week process with lots of frustration but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Finally.

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    Your pets are adorable!! My boyfriend and I are thinking about buying our first home so I have been looking up things like home insurance in massachusetts, and others experiences with buying a home. I never even thought about having the house inspected and having to fix all the necessary issues. Sounds like this process is pretty stressful, I hope everything worked out for you guys and good luck with home ownership!

  2. Ok, so I just found your blog through googling “Partridge Inn Wedding,” and I've since been reading all your wedding posts. You are so right in that trying to find a good wedding venue in the CSRA is impossible! I actually have the North Augusta Municipal Building on my list of places to check out. Your wedding was beautiful!

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