It is Christmas.

It’s Christmas today.

I wrote this villanelle in October of 2009 for a poetry class.  I originally posted it here.  I know it’s not great. I don’t remember the grade or feedback I got on it. But I like it and it’s the time of year when you should appreciate the small things that make you smile. Like silly poems.

Christmas means red and green,
the scuffling of tiny feet on hardwood floors
and shiny ornaments which reflect the light
from the blinking bulbs on the Christmas tree,

and sugar sprinkles melting on cookies
next to the glass of milk waiting for Santa,
and listening for the sounds of reindeer hooves all night.
Christmas means red and green,

and sitting on the couch warm and toasty
in front of the fire burning gold
on frost nipped fingers and wiggling toes
while the light bulbs twinkle on the Christmas tree,

and hidden presents and popcorn strings
and dreaming about everything Santa might bring
While Sinatra sings, “… merry and bright …”
Christmas means red and green,

snow on the window panes melting
and steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows as white
as Santa’s beard and wide smile,
and the blinking bulbs on the Christmas tree,

and waking up to the smell of turkey
on the type of morning when the cold feels right.
Because Christmas means red and green
and light bulbs blinking on the Christmas tree.

I hope you are spending today somewhere you enjoy – like wrapped up warm and cozy in the arms of the man you love, or saying goodbye to old grudges, or burning your impatient tongue on bubbly hot chocolate.  If there’s ice skating involved, count me jealous.

Anyway, maybe save the presents for later.  Remember what’s important.

Merry Christmas.

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