I won’t lie, Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday.  The best part about Halloween is dressing my animals up in funny costumes, and if I’m being honest, that happens regularly throughout the year.

Before Mike and I met, I used to spend Halloween putting up my Christmas tree.  Ever since moving in to his house, I try my hardest to at least wait until November when it is socially acceptable to start celebrating the holiday season, but it KILLS me having to wait so long.

Anyway, I’m very excited it’s finally November.  All of the stores have their Thanksgiving and Christmas decor out, and I love it even though it reminds me at every turn that I am too poor and our house is too small to really decorate the way I want.  One day I will have a fireplace and a staircase and enough display space to go all out.

October was a good month.  We celebrated Mike’s birthday, embarked on a huge renovation project, and welcomed a new family member into the house!

I’m looking forward to rounding the year out in the best way possible.  We’ve got a lot planned for the winter and I can’t wait!

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    Oh my gosh!! SO GLAD that I am not the only person itching to put up their Christmas decor!!!!

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