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This is likely far more than you’d ever care to know about our little pup, but I figured I’d document it anyway.  Boomer was born on August 21, 2013 in Lovettesville, VA on a beautiful little farm.  His mom is Lindelhall’s Vino Noir, and his dad is Belquest Gentleman’s Quarterly.  Boomer’s official American Kennel Club name is “Taylor’s Here Comes the Boomer.”  We didn’t have to give him a fancy name, but decided to keep the tradition going.

Many of Boomer’s brothers, sisters, and cousins are used by Hero Dogs, an organization that provides service dogs to injured and disabled U.S. Armed Forces veterans.  Because of our affiliation with the military, this was a big factor in our decision when researching breeders, and we knew this meant Bart and Carol had a great reputation.

We made the drive to Northern Virginia when Boomer and his litter mates were only about 6 weeks old.  Mike wanted a yellow male and we knew there were two yellows available – both males.  The rest of the litter was black.  Of the two yellow males, Mike immediately fell in love with the lighter colored and larger pup.  After paying our deposit, we spent some time loving on the puppies before reluctantly heading home to patiently wait out the next two weeks until Boomer would be two-months-old and big enough to come home.

I had to work, so Mike drove up on October 16 to pick him up.  He drove home the next day, and those were the longest 10 hours of my life.  I made Mike text me pictures and videos throughout their trip, and anxiously sipped on a glass of wine for the last 20 minutes of their journey.  I saw his headlights pull into the driveway and galloped outside to scoop up the new baby.  It was love at first sloppy kiss.

Here’s a little video of Boomer and Bella playing outside in the yard last weekend.  They’ve become the best of friends.  (Please excuse all the construction debris in the yard – it has since been taken to the dump) At 2:22 Boomer demonstrates his obedience skills and sits like a pro (but the music drowns out Mike’s command).

Boomer and Bella from Anna on Vimeo.


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  1. Boomer is so adorable!!!!! I can't get enough of your Instagram pics of all of your pets. haha

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