It’s October already.  I know I say that pretty much every month, but time really does fly.  I suffered through this summer with a broken air conditioner in my car and we finally got it fixed a week or so ago.  Now that I’ve got cold air again, there hasn’t been a day where the temps rose above 90 degrees – it’s been perfect weather to ride around with the windows down.

Here’s Moose’s September recap:

1.  Mike smoked a fantastic pork loin and we shared his trade secrets.
2. Anna made a weird face.
3. Anna started eating “healthy” again for all of 30 seconds.

4. Anna took pictures of herself.
5.  She also DIY’d this wreathe using burlap ribbon and some fall accents from Hobby Lobby.
6. Anna and Mike went to Virginia on a top secret mission.

7. Anna interrupted Mike while he was smoking his pipe.
8. Anna read “Eat,” a short story written by a friend.
9. She also started planning for her Christmas cards this year…because it’s never too early.

1. Cups, resident cat at a local bra store.
2. Bella
3. Moose

4. Moose
5. Buffalo
6. Moose

7. Buffalo
8. Bloodhound puppies
9. Buffalo

Buffalo and I tied for Instagram coverage this month, due largely to cameos by Cups, Bella, and the Puppies.

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