Am I Normal?

I just want to put these thoughts out there in the world.

Midi rings.  To me, these are the finger equivalent of toe socks.  Well really, I guess the finger equivalent of toe socks are gloves.  But don’t these drive you nuts?  Aren’t they annoying?  Sure, they look adorable on Pinterest when photographed on the hands of a perfectly manicured fashion blogger, but other than that, I think they are so strange.  Maybe that’s why I shop at TJ Maxx and all of my clothes are 4 seasons old.  Buy a ring that fits and wear it below the proper knuckle.

What is it about macaroons?  I get that they’re adorable and come in a colorful variety, but seriously. What is it about macaroons?  They have become such a hot trend the past several years and I can’t open Pinterest without seeing pastel pastries, but I don’t get it.  I’m over here like, “just give me a glazed donut and let’s call it a day.”

Am I the only person who wears clothes without washing them first?  Apparently this is bad. But while we’re on the topic of clothing, let me voice my disdain for the high waisted shorts and crop top trend.  I cannot wait for cold weather and for these girls to put their clothes back on. Get this out of my face.

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    Hahahaha! Yes! Yes to all of these things.

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