Four Years

Four years is the longest relationship I’ve ever had, and it’s been with my blog.

Sure, we’ve taken breaks from each other, and yes, it’s fallen victim to neglect from time to time.  But I always come back, apologize, and try to make up for my absence with extra love and affection.  There are days when I swear I will never blog again.  And then a few hours later I’m updating my layout and scheduling posts for weeks.

I started my blog 4 years ago in 2009.  I’m not sure I’d ever read a blog before, though I knew the term “blogging” and had some vague idea about an online form of writing/journaling.  I kept a Xanga (whoa remember that?) for a long time and got bored, so I migrated to Blogger.  And then to WordPress. Then Square Space.  And then back to Blogger.  And here we sit.  That was a fun story, wasn’t it?

My first post was about laundry.  Those were the days.

One of these was probably my profile picture on Facebook at the time:

I hadn’t quite mastered the art of retouching (still haven’t)…

Mike and I would meet almost exactly 6 months after my first post.  He was forced to celebrate with me when I reached 50 followers.  What. A. Milestone.

Here is what my Facebook statuses looked like:

Happy Birthday, old friend.  750 posts (give or take) and it’s been a good run so far.

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