Visiting Aiken: Hitchcock Woods Round Two

Bella and I went for a walk in Hitchcock woods again.  Read about our last trip to the woods here.  It was hotter – muggier.  So we only spent 2 hours exploring rather than an entire afternoon.

I parked at the South Boundary entrance this time and we walked around some new trails.  It rained pretty heavily the day before so I was on the lookout for quicksand.  There were horse tracks and foot prints in the sand so I knew others had already been there that day and I wasn’t too worried about sinking to my death in the forest, but still…better safe than sorry.  It’s not like I actually know what quicksand looks like anyway…doesn’t it just look like sand?  Good thing they have these signs posted.

Once I’d determined it wasn’t quicksand, I tried to get Bella to pose by the sign but all she wanted to do was run around like a crazy person.  We stopped so she could swim and cool off when we crossed Crazy Creek.  Despite all the rain, the creek was almost dry and only a couple inches deep.  One of my favorite parts about this walk was the hike up the first part of Low Country Ride – I’m not sure what it’s named because it’s not written on the map.  It may be called Low Country Ride and it would be appropriately named – the trees are dripping with Spanish Moss, the ground is sandy, and the way the horizon seems to drop off, you’d believe there was an ocean waiting for you on the other side.  I didn’t take any photos of it, but I’ll leave you with this picture of Bella at the Memorial Gate.

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