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Tomorrow it will be a new month, and in 22 short days, a new season.

Here are some of my favorite posts from this past summer:

I started off recapping our trip to Europe.

We went camping in June.

In July I wrote about my struggle with humanity and nature.

We also went camping again.

I made blueberry cobbler.

And I cancelled my long-time gym contract – that was easier said than done.

In August I went to Michigan for the first time.

I shared some advice for wedding planning and this great enchilada casserole recipe.

I dreamed about game-day outfits and winter weather attire.

I wrote a letter to my dog.

And I went exploring in the woods.

There was some other stuff here and there, and some more coming up in the future which I am excited to share.

I have always loved keeping scrap books and photo albums; it’s a joy to sit down and flip through the pages, reliving adventures – even the small ones, especially with friends and family when they care to look with me.  I find much happiness on the days I take time to go back and read posts from good times and bad, to look at pictures from last week or last year and see where I’ve come from or how we’ve changed.  Sharing this blog is a real blessing.

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