Meowsletter: Moose’s August Recap

Hello readers! It’s already almost September, so I wanted to stop in and let you know what the month of August has looked like according to Anna’s iPhone.

1. Anna and Mike visited Bronner’s in central Michigan!
2. Pretty sunset en-route to Michigan
6. Anna made that face.

4. Anna drank wine – the only consistent part of her diet.
5. The humans fashioned Bella a hat from toilet paper.
6. Anna caught up on a year’s worth of scrap booking.

7. Anna and Bella enjoyed a cuddle on the floor.  Anna immediately realized how badly she needed to vaccum.
8. Mike was the best man at a wedding in Davison, MI.
9. Anna got her make-up done by a professional and felt the need to make that face.

1. Buffalo
2. Me
3. Buffalo

4. Buffalo
5. Buffalo
6. Buffalo

7. Me
8. Me
9. Buffalo

Buffalo dominates this month’s Instagram coverage a whopping 6 – 3.  Maybe I’ll have better luck in September.  I must think of cuter things to do.  Apparently sitting around being fat is no longer winning their affection.

You can follow Anna on Instagram here.

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