Mid Week Must Haves: Football Style

So, our first game is only a couple weeks away.  We’re starting the season with an away game for the first time in…oh I don’t know…decades.  We’re welcoming Pittsburgh to the ACC apparently.  And in order to welcome them, we have to go to Pennsylvania.  I think it’d be more appropriate to hang garnet and gold bunting in the visitor’s locker room at Doak Campbell and maybe have the FSU team sign their names on a friendly “Welcome” banner or something, alas I do not make the rules.  

I remember my first year or two at FSU, I always wore shirts from the campus bookstore.  It’s like I needed to have “FSU Seminoles” and a Native American spear plastered on my t-shirt or else run the risk of being mistaken for a fan of the opposing team.  Towards the end of my tenure in Tallahassee I began to just wear the right colors.  Shades of red, yellow, or black.  Slap on an FSU button or an accent scarf and I was good to go.

And if you’re interested in FSU’s 2013 Football Schedule – here you go.

via: 1.  (earrings) 2. (necklace) 3. (blazer) 4. (blouse) 5. (sweater & scarf) 6. (crop top) 7. (boots) 8. (dark denim) 9. (red denim) 10. (scalloped shorts)

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    I loooove the arrow necklace. I saw a few when I was up in Tallahassee last weekend. I'm kicking myself now for not buying it. So excited for football!

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    Cute stuff! Where can I find the mustard tunic (#4)?And yes, we definitely gave Pitt a welcoming party not to be forgotten. Go Noles!

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    I loved your article post.

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