Visiting Detroit: Go Tigers!

We had a few spare hours one afternoon, so Mike, Chris, and I went to Detroit to catch a Tigers’ game.  They were playing the Washington Nationals and it was neat to be there because I have some ties to DC.  Detroit blew the Nats out of the water – the final score was 1 – 11.

Detroit is a scary place.  The three or four block radius around the baseball field and football stadium were nice enough, but the rest of the city we got to see was pretty intimidating.  Lots of abandoned buildings, graffiti everywhere,  and just not very welcoming.  I know they’ve landed on some hard times so I can’t really blame the locals, but still.  I guess it’s living up to the reputation.

We had a lot of fun, but getting tickets was kind of a struggle.  We originally arrived in Detroit with plenty of time to spare but had to locate an ATM so we could pay for parking.  That took us 30 minutes that we didn’t need to waste.  Once we parked and walked to the field, there were only a few sections with seats left and it would have added up to nearly $100 for me and Mike alone.  We made the decision to find a bar and just watch the game on TV.

After one beer, the consensus was that we should relocate to a more lively atmosphere and maybe do a little bar hopping within the field’s general vicinity, and while we were on our way to bar number 2, we met a nice man selling tickets for $17 a pop.  While maybe not 100% legal, it was a deal we couldn’t pass on.  He didn’t have three in the same section, but we figured we’d at least get in to the game and then just watch from the railing at the bar on the grounds.

And that’s we did. It sprinkled intermittently but never really rained, so it didn’t get too hot.  We had to stand the whole time, but I won’t complain.  It was especially cool to be at the game because they were doing “Christmas in July” and all the entertainment between innings was Christmas related. =)

To summarize: the Tigers’ game was a blast, we got tickets for cheap, but Detroit scares the crap out of me. I’ve been living in small town South Carolina for too long!


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