A Slow Tuesday

Last week I was working from home.  We had all the lights turned off in the house and I was just puttering away on my laptop trying to get everything for our magazine launch finished.  It was nice.  It was overcast out (again), so the light coming in the windows was soft and muted.

I kept drifting away from my work – getting distracted on Facebook or thinking about rooting around in the pantry for a snack.  I needed to get up and stretch, so I wandered into the “Animal Room.”  It’s really our spare room but generally serves as home base for the pets.  All three of them were curled up taking naps – Bella on the floor and the cats on their perches.

It was really pretty precious.  Of course the cats stirred when I went in there with my camera, but I snapped a few pics of them and my lunch – black eyed peas with green beans – and then it was back to work.

I like days like that.

Tags: Fur Babies, Photography

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