DIY: Succulent box & planter

Based on my last few DIYs you’d think the only crafts I ever do involve corks.  That won’t be the case anymore.  I officially used the last of them for this one!

This is another quick & dirty DIY – the results will vary depending on your time dedication vs. your desire for instant gratification.  First, locate a cork and a succulent.  I used a fake one from Hobby Lobby.  Drill a hole in the cork and stick your plant in it. You’ll end up with something like this (a cork with a plant in it…):

Set it aside for now.  Next, locate a box.  I found these unfinished wood boxes in the Target bargain bin several months ago and had been using them as boring storage in my office.  I decided to give them a cheap facelift using mod podge and magazine paper.  If you’re a little more meticulous with your crafting, you could use something prettier and/or spend more time in the planning stage.  I just cut out some pictures and things from my old Southern Living issues.

Lather up one side of your box with mod podge and stick on a picture or two.  Let that dry, and then go over it again with the mod podge.  When that dries, do it again.  Theoretically, you’ll end up with something along these lines:

Like I said, if you spend more time in the planning phase you might end up with something a little more well put together and less frantic looking.  Once your box has had adequate time to dry, grab some golden sand.  Or some pebbles.  Or those glass vase bead things.  Whatever.  I happened to have some golden sand leftover from our wedding decorations, so that’s what I went with.

Fill your box half-way up and set it aside.  Now, go get your corks!  I decided to make a circular pattern for my base.  I placed them face down on a flat surface to make sure the top would be level.  The idea is to stick your succulent cork in the center so the other corks act like a sort of stabilizer.  Once it dried it looked like this:

I used hot glue and made a really huge mess sticking these together.  It was fun until I burned my finger.  Like…third degree, call the burn department, scorched skin type of fun.  But anyway, once your cork base has dried, put it in your box and push it down into your sand/pebbles/beads just a wee bit.  Now go find your cork succulent from wherever you temporarily stashed it and put it into the cork base.  Fill the box up with sand.

Ta-da! All done. Wasn’t that fun?

Some suggestions:

Make your box personal.  I used cut-outs that were sort of related to me and Mike.  Like the T for our last name and some things unique to South Carolina.  It helped I was using Southern Living magazines.  Also, I still have not mastered the mod podge technique, but I think it helps if you use thin coats rather than thick coats, especially if you want to avoid paper wrinkling.

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    • maria n
    • August 2, 2013

    how gorgeous!! such a nice idea – you've made it look so easy 🙂

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