DIY: Corky Christmas Craft

Bah Humbug, you say.  Christmas is 5 months away, you say.  WHO CARES, I say.  I am already getting prepared for the best season of the year!

Hobby Lobby has their Christmas decor out.  It’s like they are pandering directly to me.  I picked up two little floral accents (I think they count as floral? They were in the aisle with all the wreath fixins…) the other day for a craft I had in mind.

Mike and I accumulate corks.  Mainly I accumulate them.  Mike sometimes helps, but he lets me keep the ones I remember not to throw away in a bowl on one of our bookshelves as decoration and testament to my early stage alcoholism.  It’s really a rather pointless collection.  I decided to put a few of them to use as holiday fridge magnets thanks to this easy DIY project.  All I needed were my new floral accents, some corks, a glue gun, and magnets – all of which I had!  I really tried to pick cool corks to use, but apparently all I drink is Sutter Home.

I also needed a drill.  I left that off the original list because it sounded sort of intimidating.  I used the drill and a really small drill bit to make a nice hole in the top of the corks.  That’s all.  No wall damage or anything.  Drill a hole in the top of the corks, snip off a short twig from the main branch, and then stick it in the cork.  Add a drop of hot glue to one of the magnets, and then stick said magnet into the cork.

Ta-da!  Corky Christmas magnet.  Theoretically this could be done for any holiday.  Or no holiday.  But everything is better when it’s made of Red, Green, or Gold.

Wait for the glue to dry (do I even have to say that?) and then put the magnets wherever you want.  If they’re Christmas magnets, maybe put them away until at least Thanksgiving.  Unless you’re me.  Then leave them out because let’s be honest…I live every day like it’s December 25.

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    • Pamela Baker
    • July 25, 2013

    Super cute!!

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