DIY: Chip Clips & Fridge Magnets

I have seen a ton of variations of this little project all over the internet so by no means am I trying to take credit for this.  I’m sure the pilgrims were decorating their clothes pins, too.  I am fairly certain there are no new/original ideas left in the universe.

Mike and I are unique in that there are a ton of stupid little things we need but don’t buy (like hair gel and paper towels).  And then there are things we don’t even remotely need or use that we seem to keep an endless supply of (like we have 135246272 light bulbs and I can’t even remember the last time we changed one).

Of the things we need but don’t have are chip clips.  Granted we don’t really eat that many chips, but chip clips can be used for a number of bagged food items, even flour and sugar.  Long story short, we needed chip clips, and instead of going out to Wal-Mart and spending $10 on a pack of 3, I went to Hobby Lobby and spent $4 on a pack of 24 clothes pins and some magnets.

I knew I wanted to make them a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, so I decided to use some scrapbook paper and mod podge to spruce them up.

The first step is to heat up your hot glue gun.  I have yet to use a hot glue gun without getting it all over my hands, clothes, God’s green earth, but I hope to one day.  Next cut your scrapbook paper to size – you can either treat this like an exact science or just kind of eye ball it (I went the eye ball route).  Then apply a layer of mod podge to the clothes pin and place your piece of paper on top.  Paint another layer of mod podge on that and let it dry.

Hopefully your glue is nice and piping hot.  You will likely burn your fingers.  I did.  You will also cover the entire table in stringy glue webs, so get ready for that.  Use your gun to put a pea size drop of glue on the opposite side of the clothes pin.  Then adhere a magnet to it.  I don’t think the location is really that important, but I chose the bottom part of the pin.

Then wait for the glue to dry.  It doesn’t take long so don’t make any mistakes.

Now you have an army of decorated & magnetized clothes pins. YAY!  I was not about to keep them all on the fridge, though.  I used a couple for pictures, cards, and bills, and relegated the rest of them to the pantry for easy access.  I would also venture so far to say you could (and should) use smaller magnets, but I was too lazy to search them out and grabbed the first pack I could find.

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