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For as many cat related fashion things I pin, I really ought to have more feline fixtures in my closet. Surprisingly I’m not even sure I own a single item of clothing that says “meow” or has whiskers.

I’ve been shopping for an iPhone case that also serves as an emergency charger.  I’ve had my eye on the popular Mophie brand, but have read mixed reviews on it.  This one is made by Maxboost. I like that you only need to have the plug part on your phone when you are charging up, otherwise it’s just a normal looking case.  Still contemplating the investment though. I really don’t need it.

And how cool are these wooden sunglasses? I first saw them several months ago thanks to an episode of Shark Tank, but re-discovered them recently when looking back through my Pinterest boards.  They’re a bit pricey and out of my accessories budget, but super neat nonetheless.

Side note, does anyone else think “nonetheless” is a weird word?

What are your mid-week must haves?

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