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The weather here in Aiken has been anything but summery. Winter lasted longer than usual, and Mother Nature really took her time with the transition to spring.  We yo-yo’d back and forth between warm, sun-shiney days and crippling grey skies before the season finally seemed like it’d arrived for good.  And while we usually barrel right through to a 100 degree summer, stopping only briefly to smell the flowers, the season is dripping away ever so slowly.  We are stuck in a perpetual spring shower, it seems, with only a few teasers of the heat to come.

Generally July is a sticky preface to the hot and miserable months of August and September.  It’s like a weather warm-up – jumping jacks before the final sprint of summer.  But I don’t think I’ve seen sun for longer than an hour in two weeks.  Everything is wet.  The grass is growing at a feverish pace.  And the thermometer has barely crept above 90.

It’s gloomy.  The absence of sun feeds my desire to be lazy.  To stay inside.  Life seems uglier when it’s  grey outside.  But I know there is beauty everywhere – in the sun and in the shade.  Maybe I will go looking for it.

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    • Pamela
    • July 11, 2013

    Oh, I needed this. My husband left a good paying job to pursue a career in law enforcement right now. He started a job at our local downtown jail on May 28th. His goal is to go to school either this Fall or next Spring. Well, really whenever they will allow him to go/can work the schedule out. His schedule is extremely crazy right now. He works night shift too. Some days are harder than others. The hours & $ may suck right now, but I know end the end it is for the best. I want him to be happy. I want him to do something that he loves. His goal is to be a State Trooper one day! Shew, sorry for the long story, ha! 🙂 I haven't blogged/told anyone in the blog world about this!

    • Pamela Baker
    • July 11, 2013

    I live in NC! this weather is quite depressing! So ready for a beach trip!

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