Sunday Morning @ Redcliffe Plantation

Last Sunday Mike was working 6 AM – 6 PM.  I’d spent all day Saturday catching up on laundry and finishing the DIY nightstand makeover, so Sunday I decided to put on real clothes and go explore.  Mike suggested Redcliffe Plantation in Beech Island.  I’d never been there and naturally I was eager to see it.

Redcliffe Plantation is about 30 minutes from our house and the drive is primarily back roads no matter which way you go, and while streets with names like “Chime Bell Church” and “Gray Mare Hollow” seem normal to me, if you’re not local, they’re pretty unique.  The entrance sits off a red dirt road (Redcliffe Road) – and you won’t find the original, tree-lined driveway, it’s gated off in favor of a gravel replacement winding around the outskirts of the property.

They offer historic house tours during the week, but the grounds are open every day until sunset.  There are walking and bike trails, and apparently you can fish somewhere nearby but I didn’t see the pond.

The lawn was thick with Bahiagrass and in desperate need of a good mowing when I visited, though most of the landscape agrees with the typical, well-manicured, plantation style – Live Oaks dwarf the two-story white house and giant Magnolias pepper the sprawling estate, funneling a lazy breeze to every corner of the yard.  But the abundance of shade does nothing to combat South Carolina’s 90 degree mornings – my hair was frizzy and I was dripping with sweat by the time I left Redcliffe.

I was virtually alone while there, save for a couple of walkers and the grounds keeper.  It was very peaceful – the perfect picnic setting, and I’m planning on dropping by again soon.

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    I just wrote about a similar place in northwest Florida. Have you heard of Eden Gardens state park? It sounds similar to your adventure except it looks like you had way more flowers lol. When you go back, take a house tour! That was the best part and I'm sure it's full of interesting history.

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