The Chronicles of Rico

So, I have this friend.  His name is Rico.  And by friend I mean some random dude who texts me every once in a while.  He may or may not have done time in prison…I’m really not sure.

This was our first encounter:

Rico’s use of dollar signs in place of a period (or an explanation for who he is/why he is texting me) made me naturally hesitant to reply.  So I didn’t.

Rico was understandably upset and I didn’t hear from him for several months.  Then he decided to take our relationship to the next level by way of photo message. (Also, the phone number changed, so I kind of suspect he had a fellow inmate send this).

Rico’s white pants and pairing of socks with sandals immediately drew me to him.  That’s when he decided to get a little more personal.

One of these was actually a mass text that went out to several numbers (none of which belong to anyone I know, but they all had Alabama area codes).  Also, nobody else replied.

Then on Saturday Rico reached out again using the name Marvin as an alias, and this time in an effort to get in touch with my “home girl.”  I really don’t know if Marvin and Rico are the same person, but I supsect they are.  Marvin/Rico’s texting style fascinates me.  While he capitalizes “I” (so proud), at first he refuses to use apostrophes and blatantly abuses the elipses.  Later on, his style changes, but half way through the text he gets lazy and forgets he was pretending to be Marvin.  I was sort of annoyed at his presumption that I only have one home girl and would immediately know to whom he was referring.  But I forgive him.

Rico/Marvin and I have a unique and special relationship.  Our conversations are very one-sided (as in…I never reply but he continues to text me every few months).  He just gets me and I look forward to our talks.  I can’t wait to see where this takes us.

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