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Today is Father’s Day.  On Father’s Day, we think of our dads and have the chance to say things we should tell them more than once a year.  My dad and I don’t talk very regularly and we see each other even less regularly, but sometimes a girl still needs her Daddy.  It’s easy to under value the things your parents do and the things they sacrifice for you.  And I probably don’t say “thank you” nearly enough.  I would never be able to.

I wrote this letter last year and wanted to re-post it.

Hey Dad.

First of all, thanks for giving me your height. Sure, it’s a little annoying when I can never find jeans that are the right length, and when I wear heels I break into a new level of the atmosphere, but being tall is definitely something I’m grateful for. Mom sure as heck didn’t have anything to do with that.

I’m also glad you inspired me to take up photography. I’m sure had you not been so hellbent on taking 351243161 pictures of me in front of every castle, museum, historical marker, or mound of dirt we went to, I never would have caught the photo bug. But because of you, all those awesome travel memories are preserved on film, and I discovered a great passion.

I guess I’m pretty lucky that you’re a certified genius, too. I could have landed a Dad with no education.  I wonder what childhood would have been like without all the random historical trivia and grammar lessons.  I probably wouldn’t have the same desire to be intelligent.  I might not understand benefits of good grammar and I definitely wouldn’t have had to read Kafka’s Metamorphosis in the 3rd grade. I’m sure I’m better (and smarter) for it.

One thing is for certain, without you, I wouldn’t have been raised overseas.  I mean, unless I had been born to an Asian family or something. My love and appreciation for all things travel no doubt comes directly from you, and life would be so boring if I didn’t have the desire to see and learn new things. I know that so many of my best qualities are from you, Dad, though mom thinks I am the perfect combination of you both.

I love you very much.


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