Visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana.  Pronounced Lee-oo-blee-ahna.  Think of the Js as Is. Liubliana.

Anyway.  It’s the capital and largest city in Slovenia.  We spent a day there during our stay at Lake Bled.

We spent the morning walking up to the castle and then enjoying the view from on top of the tower.  After a few days of rain it was nice to be able to soak up the sunshine.

We grabbed lunch at a sidewalk cafe downtown.  The sun played hide and seek for the rest of the afternoon but it came out while we were down by the river.  I could have stayed there forever.

Eventually we headed back to base camp at Lake Bled. We took a quick stroll by the lakeside and scoped out some photo opps.

We rented a little row boat and took a spin on the lake for an hour or so, and then we walked to town for ice cream while we watched the sun set over the mountains.

In the morning we headed back for Austria.


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