How To Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Somewhere along the way I discovered I’ve been making Grilled Cheese sandwiches WRONG for the past decade.  On Monday I tried making one the right way for the first time and it was life changing.

The first step is to locate some bread, preferably home-made by your mother in law.  Cut said bread into uneven slices doing your best to tear it in the process.

Now here comes the secret.  DO NOT BUTTER THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR BREAD. I repeat: DO NOT butter the outside of your bread.  Instead, apply a generous coat of mayonnaise. Yes. MAY-OH-NAZE.  Put it on the outside of your bread where the butter normally would (and ought to) go.  I’m not usually a mayo eater so this is all we had in the fridge.  I suppose it might be even BETTER to use mayo that isn’t almost expired.  I did not execute a control group in this experiment.  My apologies.

Now we cook it.  Or them in my case.  I made two.

I put sliced Kraft AND shredded cheddar on mine because I am straight up living the American Dream.  Also, portion control is not even remotely a part of my vocabulary.
Grilled Cheese is best eaten on your finest paper plates. Don’t even waste time getting a napkin.
I can’t even put into words how delicious these ended up tasting.  This isn’t one of those, “sort of a better take on an old classic” type of recipes.  This is DEFINITELY the secret grilled cheese experts have been keeping from us and you will never be able to thank me enough for sharing.
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    God, I want a grilled cheese sandwich so bad right now thanks to you. I hate you. J/k but I will be making one of these as soon as I get home. This better change my life or I'm coming for you 🙂 LIOB

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