Easter 2013

Easter Sunday was a combination of cold/cloudy/hot/sunny/rainy/delightful weather.  It wasn’t as nice as last year but it was a great Easter Sunday nonetheless.

Like last year, I demanded we take some family photos after church.  By demanded I mean I asked really nicely and said only if everyone else wanted to and we could do it another time…

I just really feel it’s necessary to document days like this but I know my incessant picture taking sometimes borders on annoying.

For one thing, you get to see how big those small changes in life really are.  Porter and Jamison are now one year older than they were, and Tim has lost almost 100 lbs.  Left, 2012 & Right 2013.

We only spent 5 or 10 minutes out underneath the oak trees before dispersing to head home and change into our lunch attire, but here are a few of the photos:

I wonder how much will change between now and next Easter?

We spent the afternoon at Barbara’s eating Easter Dinner and enjoying the kids.  Cooper was there, too.

I hope your Easter was a full of faith, fun, and family as ours was.

If you’d like to see last year’s photos, look here.  The sun was shining through the trees and I do think the lighting was much better, but OH WELL CAN’T CONTROL THE WEATHER.

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