Instagram Update: TBT Edition

I’ve never participated in #tbt AKA Throwback Thursday on Instagram before, but last week I got really into it and posted like 12 pictures in a row. Here are 9 of them.

1. Me and Leah at Six Flags during our Sisterhood Retreat in 2010 or 2011…I can’t remember. // 2. Me dressed as a pirate for Phi Mu’s fall 2010 date function, “Phi Mutiny.” // 3. Shizue, Kelsey, Christina, and Me downtown Naples with Mt. Vesuvius in the background shortly after our graduation. // 4. Kristen, Megan, Tori, Taylor, and Me at Phi Mutiny. // 5. Me in my Mom’s backyard, Christmas 2010. My first and only white Christmas. // 6. Leah and Me the week of my initiation into Phi Mu, 2007. // 7. Me and Mike, Christmas 2010. // 8. Me and Taylor at Universal Studios Orlando in 2010. // 9. Bella and Me at Alligator Point near Tallahassee in 2009. //

I love pictures.  Love love love pictures. Looking at all my old pictures and deciding which ones to Instagram was so much fun. Maybe I’ll post 235240 pictures for #TBT every week…

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    beautiful memories!! I agree – I love looking back at pics and remembering the moments. have a great week! x

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