A Saturday

Some Saturdays you just really need to go off the grid.  I mean, stay in your PJs all day and not get anything accomplished.

Last weekend I stayed in my PJs, but I managed to finish most of my laundry. I whittled 10 loads down to just two left.  And I probably won’t do them until next month.  Does anyone else wait a ridiculous amount of time before doing laundry?  It’s probably sad that I have enough clothes to last me.

I also made some banana bread from scratch.  I had to change the recipe a little bit because we didn’t have vanilla.  It came out pretty tasty.

On Saturday evening we went to a dinner party hosted by one of Mike’s friends.  There were three other couples there and we all shared a candle-lit belated Valentine’s Day celebration.  It was a lot of fun – and different from what we usually do.

It’s hard being glamorous 24/7/365.

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    That banana bread looks amazing!

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    Dang girl, 10 loads?? You must have lots of clothes!! I dread laundry

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