Letter to me at 23

Dear Me at 23,

I know you’re not a huge fan right now, but things change.  They may change slowly, but they change. You never really notice differences on a day to day basis, but when you look back, it will be hard to ignore the space between who you are in the present and who you are in the past.  Or I guess who you are in the present and who you are in the future. It’s all relative.

I want you to be patient.  And maybe drink a little less wine.  Consider going to bed earlier on those nights you stay up pining over things you see on Pinterest.  I promise, the bed is more comfortable than that place of envy you spend so much of your time.

Stop comparing your life to the lives of others.  They may seem fabulous, and maybe they are, but fabulous wears many hats.  And I think those oversized pajama pants you’re wearing are pretty darn fabulous.  And didn’t you finish all of your laundry this weekend?  That’s pretty fabulous.  I don’t know if secretly eating a box of chocolate in your car was the most fabulous decision you’ve ever made, but we can move past that.

I want you to sing to the radio a little bit louder.  Carrie can’t hear you butchering her ballads, so let it rip.  You enjoy it.  Do it.  Keep loving animals more than any sane person should.  And keep crying at commercials with soldiers, fathers, dogs, horses, and inanimate objects.  It may not be normal on some levels, but fiery compassion can be hard to find sometimes, even if it manifests itself in overly emotional outbursts.

Keep running.  Even though you’re bad at it.  Poor form doesn’t mean you’re not burning calories, and if you plan to keep popping M&Ms at such an alarming rate, any movement helps.

Be nice to your parents.  Be nice to everyone.  Try to keep in touch with your friends.  Try to make new friends.  You don’t have to be lonely if you don’t want to be.  Look out the window more.  You think it’s just a flat patch of land out there, but you can find prettiness everywhere you look.  Keep your camera with you at all times.  Take it to the grocery store.  Take pictures of everything.  I know it annoys certain people, but you’ll cherish the smallest and most insignificant memories one day.  Just try not to miss them while you’re in them.

Be yourself.  If you’re grumpy, be grumpy.  If you’re happy, show it.  If you’re sorry, say it.

Emotions are not meant to be fought, they’re meant to be felt.  Spend money on things you don’t need every now and then.  Like boots.  And jewelry.  And chocolate.

Listen to your mom’s advice.

Put away your jealousies.

Figure out what “happy” means to you.


I’ll see you in a few years.



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    I love this! Especially the crying at inanimate objects part…that's definitely me too!

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