Valentine’s Day.

Not to be confused with “Valentimes.”  Does it drive you nuts when people say that?

Mike and I shared a pretty low-key V-day this year.  We had a quiet dinner at Augsburg Haus in Evan’s, GA, and enjoyed a hefty discount on our dinner because the restaurant owner (aptly named Adolf) is friends with one of Mike’s fellow officers.

I didn’t wear anything red.  Not because I’m a Valentine’s Grinch, but because I don’t own much of it and red is really not my color.  I did use my red-ish/coral-ish/pink-ish satchel instead of my usual bottomless pit.

Instead of driving the hour back to Aiken after dinner, we stayed at the Marriott in Augusta.  Someone must have pulled some strings to get us a corner room on the top floor.

We could see the building where we got married (top photo – the big reg brick one in the distance), and once the morning fog cleared I enjoyed a pretty great panorama of the riverfront.  Mike had to leave to be at work so I stayed in bed until 10 and watched National Geographic.

It was a short but sweet mini vacay. How was yours?

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    Cracking up about “valentimes”. I hear that so often and make fun of it by repeating it, I accidentally say it myself now. Ooops, that's what I get for making fun!

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