On Losing Weight

So I know I’m late to the game on this one but it’s February already.  I’m glad I didn’t resolve to lose weight or get healthy this year.  Sunday night I watched the superbowl while eating a personal pan pizza (read: 12″ of delicious brick-oven carby heaven) and drinking champagne.  After watching Beyonce sweat it out during half time, I capped the evening off with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and some popcorn.
You know how sometimes you gain weight and then your favorite boots won’t fit over your inflated calves?
That’s my life right now.

I’ve spent some serious time during the second half of December and entire month of January putting on my winter weight.  The weight I was so happy to be rid of last fall.

The picture on the far left was taken in December of last year (2011) while in Knoxville visiting one of my friends.  It was a great trip.  We got to see penguins in Tennessee and ate a lot of good food. A LOT of good food.  And drink booze. A LOT of booze. The second two pictures were taken this December (2012), around the beginning of the month and before my holiday indulgences.  And by indulgences I mean second helpings of baked Macaroni at midnight just because I knew it was in the fridge.

Just to be clear, never at any point in time would I have called myself “fat.”  Variations of the word, sure.  I have always had a curvier figure and tended to be dismissive about weight gain because I felt like it was my natural physique.  And I’m lazy. And apparently curvy is making a comeback? Or at least that’s what Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign told me in 2005.

When you work in an industry filled with beautiful women and preach on the phone every day about confidence and self-esteem, it’s a difficult thing to admit you struggle with.

September was when I really started paying attention and got motivated. I noticed a significant change by the end of October and was able to buy jeans two sizes smaller.  People would compliment me every now and then, and even though it felt good to get recognition, it disheartened me to think I had been so big there was a loss to even notice.  If they think I look good now, what did they think I looked like before, you know?  As autumn settled in to stay, my schedule got busier and I essentially stopped running. It’s a great habit and a habit I absolutely loathe, but apparently being fit doesn’t fall in the same category as watching Mythbusters re-runs on the couch until 2 AM. I bought new shoes in January and ran 2 miles on Monday and again on Tuesday. It was miserable.

I still don’t eat the best. I’m lazy when it comes to cooking and the only time we eat good food at home is if Mike is in charge of the kitchen. I’d much rather swing by McD’s and get a 10-piece McNugget meal, or a burrito from Moe’s, or a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, or mozzarella sticks from Arby’s, or an Oreo blast from Sonic, than try to figure out something yummy to cook at home – there aren’t that many ways to enjoy grilled chicken breast, y’all. This has definitely been an experiment in will power.

Anyway, I just felt like posting something honest.  I was happiest when I was healthiest (I guess eating a couple handfuls of M&Ms for lunch is not the way to a flat tummy), so I want to find some motivation to maintain what I’ve accomplished.

I hope you have a happy Wednesday.  Eat a Cinnabon for me.

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    i know exactly what you're talking about. during the holidays all the hardwork i put in kinda went down the drain. i have no issues with exercising. i love exercising … but i don't eat well at all. you are so right, eating M&Ms is not the way to a flat tummy but you would think that wasn't true with the stuff i eat sometimes.i'm working on it. they say that if you do something for 21 days (in our case, eat better) it becomes a habit. my only problem is not passing 3 days :/thanks for sharing. i think you are absolutely gorgeous.

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    I think you are seriously stunning! Like look at you, totally gorgeous!!!!! I know what you mean about working hard, seeing the results and feeling best when you're at your healthiest. I am like that too. I have gone through dips in my health and like you, never would I have called myself “fat”, but I have described myself as “curvy”, etc. I have to stay in a certain amount of “shape” though because I have had a scoliosis operation which means that getting “out of shape” is never an option for me. I have to eat pretty healthy and exercise 5-6 days a week which is tough, and I've definitely faltered, but I also think its good cause it pushes me to be healthy. xoxo BreeThe Urban Umbrella http://www.theurbanumbrella.com

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    So true! I think you are beautiful, first of all, but am sure that working with the girls you work with doesn't help (trust me, I know I'm not big, but try sitting next to Miss Alabama USA in your swimsuit–it will make you swear off food forever, or until lunch). I just went to a Go Red for Women's event about heart health and that REALLY got me thinking about getting myself into shape. LIVING LONGER so I can have more fun has become my motivation–we shall see!

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    i think you are absolutely stunning – in every single one of those pictures! honestly! curves suit you well, but you do look amazing now and it gives me the encouragement to be committed and motivated. i've always been curvy, and to be honest again, i weigh the most i've ever weighed now (boo. hiss. cry.) thank you for being real – it's a breath of fresh air. i intend to shed some lbs now, because i want to look like youuuu doooo!you look great! keep it up! 😉

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    I've definitely noticed a difference in you over the last year but didn't really comment on the weight loss because I've ALWAYS thought you were beautiful. Like, stunning even. But I can totally sympathize to what you're going through/feeling right now. I felt awesome back in December when I'd lost 6 of the 8 lbs that I wanted to shed but I've become lazy since the New Year and gained back about 4 lbs in the last two months. I know it doesn't seem like much but it makes a difference in how I feel about myself and in how my clothes fit. I just bought some new workout clothes today (that often motivates me) but the drastic stuff starts next week. I'm sorta Catholic and by that I mean, I never go to mass but I always give something up for Lent. This year, I'm doing 40 Days of Fitness. Hopefully I'll be a bomb-ass beauty by Easter. 🙂

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    You are a gorgeous girl, whatever it takes to make you happy just know you are pretty!

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    You are so beautiful!! It is definitely refreshing to read such a real, honest post. As women, we want to FEEL beautiful and I know that can be a struggle for so many of us. Some days are harder than others and I totally admit, I was watching Beyonce while eating cookie dough so we are totally in the same boat 😉

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