New Years Scores

I kicked off 2013 on Tuesday at TJ Maxx. I hoped they might be having a big sale on winter stuff but was instead met with little-to-no new merchandise (since I was last there at Thanksgiving) and at regular prices. BOO, TJ MAXX. On my way out and after making a detour through the handbags, I stopped in the jewelry section.

I have always had issues keeping my jewelry organized. I have a coat hanger on my wall for necklaces, a make-shift picture frame turned earring organizer, and an old jewelry box I bought at Target a few years ago. I also have a fat lady for hanging up necklaces. My dad bought her for me at a street market in Italy and I love her. The coat hanger, while not super beautiful, is definitely functional, as is the fat lady (despite her tendency to be unbalanced). The picture frame is pretty and definitely gets the job done, though I probably should have used screen instead of burlap when I made it. And the jewelry box holds next to nothing.

So in TJ Maxx I was excited to find this plastic earring organizer drawer.  Call me sheltered, I’d never seen anything like it before, and for less than $9, I had to buy it.  What you see above is how it looks on my dresser with the rest of my jewelry stuff.  What do you think? Had you ever seen these before? It was the only one they had at TJ and was sitting on a shelf with some drawer inserts. I feel like I struck gold. My life is exciting…

I overheard some ladies talking about a sale at Dillards, so after I checked out at TJ Maxx, I headed to the mall.

Which brings me to these boots. I know the cat pictures are completely unrelated but Moose looked so cute napping on the bed.

These Arturo Chiang boots were originally $149.99 (why not round up to $150???) and were marked down to $99. Dillard’s shoe department was having a 50% off the permanently reduced price kind of sale (MY FAVORITE), so the boots’ final price ended up being $49 or $53 with tax. And I loves them.

I also got this J Simps coat:

It was originally $100 and I paid $59. There were a couple other Jessica Simpson jackets I was eyeballing, but as badly as I wanted it, I couldn’t bring myself to purchase a hot pink pea coat. Maybe one day. Not a bad haul to get 2013’s wheels in motion.

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    I just found your blog and love it! Looks like you found some great deals, me too! I was also a bit disappointed with TJMaxx..booo!! Happy New Year!

    • Anonymous
    • January 3, 2013

    Sounds like you did awesome! Congrats! I love love love those boots!

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    Looks Grea and awesomet!!! Happy new year.Kids Games

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