Visiting Snowshoe West Virginia

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve. The day after tomorrow will be 2013. It’s weird how quickly the year seems to have passed when you’re looking back from the tail end of it.

When we got to Snowshoe on Sunday, it was cold and windy but there was little to no snow in the forecast. In fact, our first day on the slopes was supposed to be (and was indeed) rainy. We spent a few hours walking around the village on Monday, got the kids (and those who needed it) set up with their rental gear, bought lift tickets, and then bummed some free Wifi from Starbucks. Our cabin, cute as it was, didn’t have internet. It barely had phone service – only AT&T had signal and it was rare. We did have Satellite TV, so on our down time I got to watch Animal Planet (love me some Big Cat Diaries).

It was a great week.  We had a few visits from wildlife – several deer and one very creepy looking owl.

I exhausted myself with 4 full days (and nights) of snowboarding, and towards the end of the week, we got more than a foot of snow thanks to “Winter Storm Draco.” I hate that they’re naming winter storms now.

I really love snow. It makes me so happy when the whole world is quiet and white and fluffy.

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    • LWLH
    • December 30, 2012

    Looks like fun and that owl shot is awesome!!

  1. Reply

    Where are the snowshoes?? haha! I love this, it looks like you had a great time!! I love being up in the mountains. 🙂 And you look so cute doing it!

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