A Florida State game in Charlotte

So I followed the Seminoles to another road game, and this time the outcome was far more favorable. We won the ACC Championship in Charlotte at Bank of America stadium. I think there were all of 500 people in the whole place, but it was a great day.

I kicked the weekend off on Friday night with Jackie and Amanda in downtown Charlotte. Whisky River threw a Seminole Welcome party and I wore green because I am a bad fan.

On Saturday we met up with some other FSU transplants and tailgated the day away. We couldn’t have asked for better weather (or a better location).

See how empty the stands were? Shortly before half time part of my group and I tried to move down closer to the field to get better seats. We managed to sit in our new location for close to 30 minutes before a stadium attendant asked to see our tickets.

In the process I managed to get separated from my friends and stood for a few too many seconds in an “emergency” walk way. I got escorted out after getting a little bit attitudey with the lady I was dealing with. It didn’t take long to reunite with everyone and we just went back to our assigned seats to watch the rest of the game.

We went out afterwards to celebrate our victory and I was accosted by an obnoxious West Virginia fan. It didn’t help that we were in the most crowded bar in the history of bars. I don’t remember what it was called. The only plus is that one of the bartenders and I made some sort of cosmic connection so my friends and I didn’t have to pay for drinks all night…

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    So cute! So glad you made it out for the game! Come back soon! LIOB <3

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