Today I’m working on getting my Christmas tree up. It’s probably the first year I didn’t have my house decorated before the end of October. I’m notorious for rushing the season.

This year, we’re not all together, which saddens my heart but fills me with anticipation for the next time we are. I don’t know when that will be, maybe not until next Thanksgiving. I miss the smell of my mom’s house and that special feeling of coziness that only comes with the holidays spent surrounded by familiar traditions.

I miss so many people, but am thankful that I at least have people to miss.

So I hope you all stay safe today. Stay happy. Stay thoughtful. And say a little prayer for the loved ones in uniform who couldn’t make it home to their families this year.

Also, I’m trying to re-do my blog again and in the process have completely lost my comment functionality…so that’s fun. 
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    So thankful God blessed me with you as my daughter. Love and miss you today as always. Mom

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    Love this! 🙂 Gorgeous picture!!

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