Raleigh Bound

I am officially heading to my first post-grad FSU game and it feels AWESOME.

It would be better if said game was in Tallahassee and was happening in the Doak. I’m actually driving up to Raleigh to meet my Mom, Aunt, and Godmother for what used to be a fairly traditional fall weekend in our family.

We love the NC State/FSU game. But things happen, times change, BLAH BLAH BLAH, we haven’t been in a really long time and unfortunately my tiny FSU cheerleader uniform doesn’t fit anymore so I’m trying to decide what to wear that doesn’t scream “I was doing kegstands a few months ago.” (I’ve actually never done a kegstand). Greek life failed me on that front.

It took my a while to grasp the concept of appropriate Game Day attire.

I’m far left.
I’m second from left.
I’m in the yellow.

Much like my choices in hair color, I often look back and scoff at my wardrobe. Why would I leave the house like that, much less willingly pose for photos?

In my later years, I like to think I kept it a bit more classy.

I’m far right.
I’m on the left. And I know the guy wearing that ridiculous getup. And I know my sunglasses are stupid. I bought them last minute.

The thing that kills me is preparing for Game Day weather. In Tallahassee, unless it’s a late November night game, you can almost always bet on it being HOT AS HELL well into wee hours of your blackout. All you really need to think about is dressing for your mistakes – don’t wear anything that begs a wardrobe malfunction.

This weekend, the high doesn’t break 80 (but factor in a higher than usual body temperature thanks to day-long boozing), and then it drops below 50 around the 8 PM kick-off.  SO WHAT DO YOU WEAR FOR THAT?

These are the things I stress out about.

Happy Hump Day.

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    I am an ncsu almuni and we will be at the game! Cowboy boots are a must and typically dresses but since its cold something with leggins 🙂

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    Cute blog, new follower!http://sincerelyarizona.blogspot.com/

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    You definitely got the game day attire down in your later years ;D We all have those embarrassing photos of our ridiculous outfits.

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