On Being a Spoiled Brat

You guys.

The iPhone 5 was announced on Wednesday as we all knew it would be. We are ordering Mike’s on Friday as his early b-day present. He’s been working with a busted @$$ Droid, complete with cracked screen and no case for 2 years now, so he deserves it. But I am SO jealous.

I just got the iPhone 4s back last October, so I am nowhere near due for an upgrade. Getting the iPhone 5 would cost me nearly $700 and that’s just not in my cards.

*cue temper tantrum*

I have been in serious pout mode.

What do you guys think? Are you getting it? I have to wait until at least August, and by then the iPhone 6 will be half way here. It is impossible to keep up with technology!

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    • LWLH
    • September 14, 2012

    We might get the 5 but only cause we're dealing with our busted ass Droids too 🙂 lol

  1. I have the 4S and am not due to upgrade til Jan; my boyfriend just ordered the 5 (he has the regular 4 now). Honestly, I'm not jealous at all, and here's why: The only thing that he's gonna have with the 5 that I don't have on my 4S is the "pretty factor". The new phone is going to LOOK NICE. And it's going to have a slightly bigger screen. But? He's going to have a case on it (for protection). So the beauty factor goes away. The biggest things that are good about the iPhone 5 is all in the operating system (iOS), and guess what? That gets pushed to us with the 4S's also! :)So really, girl, it's not so bad. Our phone rocks. Seriously.Plus, a little secret: I work for one of the two major wireless telecommunications companies, in IT, in headquarters. So I have some insider info. we're not really missing out. I promise.

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    I think I'm going to get it. Sprint, my carrier, has iPhones now and my contract with them is up for renewal at the end of October. They're pretty good about offering fatty discounts when you renew so I'm hoping they'll hook a sistah up. This will be my first iPhone. I've been waiting SO LONG so my Sprint loyalty better effing pay off!

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    I got my 4s in Nov and am dying for the 5. booo!

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    its crazy how much they are!!

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