Regional Trotting

Not to be confused with globe trotting.

I know many of you spend a lot of time wondering where I am when I’m not updating the blog. Hopefully this post will remedy that.

You know how sometimes you look at your life and realize you never do anything, like…ever? As in…when you’re not at work or in the shower you are firmly planted on the couch, playstation remote in one hand, block of cheese in the other, fat/happy/purring like a cat. That’s my life 95% out of all the days.  But then fall comes along. And September – December promise weekends of non-stop fun having.


I decided to give you a quick look into my weekend line-up for the next few months. Sure, this probably seems normal for many of you, but when compared to my “normal,” (which is finding excitement in a spur of the moment trip to Wal Mart) THIS IS INSANITY.

And even though it slows down in November, it doesn’t stop! I have two pageant weekends back-to-back, followed by Thanksgiving! 

So now you know. If you find yourself wondering, you can check back at anytime this fall! =) Happy Friday! Hope you are having as much fun as I am.

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