A rant

I saw this today and HAD to say something.

I “liked” this Sun Station Tanning Studios page on Facebook as a favor to a friend in an effort to help them win some sort of competition. I’ve since “un-liked” them.

Tanning salons, especially ones that don’t offer sunless tanning, have a bad name as it is. I know it’s easy to argue that in our world, essentially anything can be deemed a carcinogen (like apparently tomatoes give you cancer these days LOL), but tanning beds are PROVEN cancer causers, people. There is no debating it…and it might not happen immediately, or ever. Anyway. That’s not what this is about. (And I’m not judging any of you fake’n’bakers. I’ve been known to partake in the past).

What upset me about this ad was the needless over-sexifying of an already taboo industry. If I was the owner of a tanning salon that was under constant scrutiny for being unsafe, especially when teenagers are the main demographic, WHY would I put out such a senseless double entendre? GET IN BED WITH US?  If I was a mother, and my daughter was using this salon for ANYTHING, whether it was sunless tanning or a service of any kind, I would immediately take our business elsewhere.  And I am not the “skirts must be below the knees, collar up to the neck” type of person at all – HELLO, I work in pageantry.

What do you think? Is this overdoing it? I get it – clever play on words…HA HA HA, very punny. But seriously, guys? GET IN BED WITH US? Disgusting.

Also, I will be back next week with Mid-Week Must Haves. I’m taking a break from Pinterest.

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    • Lena
    • August 29, 2012

    Definitely agree Anna…..over sexified, not just the play on words but the imagery to go with it – hot girl in sexy pose with cleavage for miles….lol…..just a bit un-necessary for the business they are advertising 🙁

  1. Reply

    That pic is pretty ridic!

  2. Reply

    Sex sells and if a picture of two people having sex could sell cigarettes then surely they should be allowed to. There are too many restrictions in life.

  3. Reply

    I agree 100%!!! It's disgusting and inappropriate. Just totally unnecessary!

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