The Trip To Rome that Almost Wasn’t…

So. We went to Rome on Thursday. We woke up at 5:30 AM, drove to the NATO base, and walked to the metro. All under the presumption that we had plentyyyy of time to catch the metro downtown where we’d switch trains to the Eurostar for Rome.

We stood at the Metro station for close to 15 minutes, just chatting away and completely oblivious to the time. A metro never came – totally unusual. Eventually I asked my dad what time our Eurostar was set to leave. Oh…you know, in 20 MINUTES. NBD. The metro only takes 30 MINUTES. AKA – we were going to miss our connection. We’d already bought our train tickets (45 euro a pop) and my Dad had already booked our hotel for the night in Rome…

We were quickly looking for a plan B. This had never happened before. Should we just stay in Naples and do things locally? Buy more train tickets? DILEMMA.

During this decision making process, the metro finally pulls in to the station. We decide to get on and buy more Eurostar tickets at the station downtown. Oh well – wasting money like it’s nothing…

The train to Rome only took about an hour, and when we got to Via Cavour, it was as hot as ever. The first thing we did was walk down to the area of the Roman Forum. I wore my “Parisian” sun hat, even though we were playing cat and mouse with the sun almost all morning. Frustrating for pictures.

After that, we found some lunch and did a little exploring.

Followed by pictures outside the coliseum (which is properly named the Flavian Amphitheater!) and then dinner.

After dinner, Aunt Donna had to call it quits due to swollen feet and a bad back, so my dad, Madison and I went to see the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. One of the great things about many cities in Europe is the free drinking water EVERYWHERE!! I definitely took advantage.

Day two (AKA Friday the 13th) started out with breakfast at the hotel (they had powdered eggs, but for some reason I found them to be very delicious) and then we headed to the forum. We spent about an hour or so walking around, learning from my Dad’s inhumane amount of knowledge on everything Roman history. It’s insane how much he knows. 

After the Forum, we went inside the Coliseum.

And naturally, being Friday the 13th, we had to see a black cat casually walking around inside the coliseum.

When it was time, we headed back to the train station and hopped on the 3:00 Eurostar back to Naples – so all in all it was about 36 hours in Roma!

I love Rome – it’s definitely a bit chaotic and crowded (especially in the summer) but every time I go I enjoy seeing the sights there.


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  1. beautiful photos! I miss Italy so very much!

  2. SO SO SO jealous!

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