Day 2 in Athens

Day 2 started off fairly early. Or at least I thought it was early. Apparently I’m a novice traveler. I forgot to set my phone an hour ahead to Greek time. Apparently the iPhone doesn’t do that automatically when you’re abroad. Who knew? I didn’t.

So I woke up at 6:10 to meet my dad for 7:30 breakfast and thought…”wow, I have a ton of time to get ready…” when in reality I should have thought, “wow, I only have 20 minutes to get ready.” I flat out missed our breakfast date and we ended up not making it to the Acropolis until well after they’d opened.

Yes. We decided to go up to the Acropolis again. Such is the life of two photographers. We knew the lighting would be different in the AM than it had been the afternoon prior. The back side of the Parthenon (the side that was mostly scaffold-free) was lit by the sun.

We also saw the Erechtheion and walked down to the ancient theater.

Continuing the walking saga, we visited another temple that shall remain nameless…because I don’t remember what it’s called. Sorry Dad.

After that, we walked up to the Greek Parliament building and watched their changing of the guard ceremony. We made it in time for the big one of the day. They shut down the street and brought in the Police marching band. It was pretty neat. I was a total tourist.

After we left the Parliament building, we made our way to the Agora – what would have been the busiest area of Athens back in the good old days. To get there, we wandered through the Athens Flea Market in Monistriaki.

We walked back home past the parliament building, so I got to take a picture with this dude:

We ended the day with a failed attempt to visit the flower market, which had apparently closed for the day.

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    the beauty in your pictures, wow. i cannot get over them. so stunning!you look incredible too!can't wait for more pictures!

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    I love your top, what a fun trip!xoxoTab

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    I think you should bring Mike one of those hat, since he liked Logan's so well

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    What a great time! These pictures are amazing!

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