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It’s Monday again. On Thursday I am heading down to Florida for the first time in over a year! My beloved Grand Big is getting MARRIED!!

Anyway, here is what my weekend looked like through my iPhone:

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of comfortable sandals to wear in Italy when we’re walking around Rome and Naples. My dad and I are also going to Athens, and I know better than to wear my Steven Madden flats around the cobble stone roads. When I go in the winter it’s easier to wear comfortable shoes. But I just don’t have anything that’s comfortable and practical to wear in 90 degree heat. I stopped by Rack Room Shoes to see if they had anything in my price range and found these two cute pairs:

Unfortunately, when I got home and walked around in them a little bit more, they just didn’t seem to fit right. I took them back and they didn’t come in the half size I needed, so they just got returned. =(

MOM to the rescue. She bought me two pairs at DSW – a pair of brown Merrells and a cute pair of cream Easy Spirits. The Merrells aren’t winning any fashion awards, but they will do.

My across the street neighbors gave us some delicious fresh cucumber

Mike and I splurged on our dinner date – I got a margarita, Mike had a beer, we BOTH had pasta, and then topped it off by sharing a brownie sundae.

I’d also had a peanut butter cookie for lunch that day. I’m so healthy.

I played with the cats…

And one morning last week, I let Bella out before I left for work. When I went to let her back, she was DRIPPING wet. I could not for the life of me figure out how she got so drenched – there weren’t any puddles in the yard and the sun was shining. Eventually I realized she’d just been rolling around in the dew-soaked grass like a moron. She was happy as a clam.

Happy Monday!

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  2. My Instagram is clogged up with pictures of my doggy. I adore him! x

  3. Reply

    Hahaha I love that she was soaked by rolling in the grass, too funny!!And I love "healthy" weekends, hehe.Have a great week!

  4. Reply

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  5. Reply

    My kitties love packing peanuts too. I have to take them away though because they eat them.

  6. Reply

    oh man that margarita looks delish!! And cute pictures of the kitty 🙂

  7. Reply

    Loved all these photos!

  8. Reply

    ahh how exciting about italy! looks like you have some good choices 🙂 congrats to your grand big!

  9. Reply

    Oh Bella what a gorgeous face. How are you getting along with the cat side of the family? I hope all is going well. Thanks so much for sharing your menagerie….love ya. Blake and becky

  10. Stopping by from photo party linkup! your furbaby is adorable!

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    I saw you on the link up and wanted to say hello! I'm over the moon for your sweet cat:)

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    Ha! Peanut butter cookie for lunch. Sounds familiar…. Meet oatmeal chocolate chip for lunch. I'd count that as healthy…Hope you're doing Lovely,That Girl in Pearls

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