Wedding Day: Part 4

Last but not least, the reception!

Everyone in our wedding party entered to a different song. My bridesmaids from FSU entered to the fight song. Our ushers entered to So Fresh and So Clean, the Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, and Junior Bridemaid and Groomsmen entered to Brighter than the Sun, and the rest of the party entered to the Star Wars theme immediately before Mike and I entered to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness.

Our first dance was A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

 I don’t know why the champagne arm twist is always so confusing to me…

I highly recommend a sweetheart table. I was against it at first – I didn’t want to be isolated from the party. But we ended up putting ours smack in the middle of the two wedding party tables, and people were coming up to us to say congratulations from the moment we sat down. When we did have a few moments alone, the sweetheart table was a great way to enjoy a quiet moment with my new hub.

 There was A LOT of dancing. Not necessarily on my part, although I did share some akward one on one time with a few of my bridesmaids, namely Taylor and Kelsey.

Despite my pleadings, the sorority sisters gathered in a circle and sang some traditional Phi Mu songs to me. The wine is what got me through it.

For our grand exit, we stole an idea from Joenee’s wedding. We had all of our guests (who made it to 11:00) circle around us and sing along to Journey – Don’t Stop Believing while Mike and I danced/air guitared. =)  Then we peaced out – I guess we were so eager to leave that we didn’t listen to the wedding planner’s instructions. So we ruined the grand exit and not all of the sparklers were lit/the photographers weren’t ready. Woops.

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    Those are awesome song choices!! We all came in to just one song- I love the idea of splitting it up! You were so beautiful and seem like so much fun!

  2. Reply

    I just LOVE your wedding photos. Such a lovely ceremony and the reception looked like so much fun! And you look absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Reply

    Looks like a lot of fun! We're using the song A Thousand Years for when my bridesmaids walk in during our ceremony :]

  4. Reply

    Though you weren't ready, I think the sparkler picture came out great.

  5. Reply

    OMG these photos are amazing! Beautiful dress!

  6. Reply

    Your wedding dress is goregous!

  7. Holy beautiful! Perfect bride!

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    What a fun sounding reception! I love all the entrance music 🙂 So fun when a couple does something creative. The decorations were just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

  9. Reply

    gorgeous! I'm in awe at how amazing your wedding looked! I love that last sparkler pic!

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    beautiful wedding!

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    I just found your blog and LOVE your wedding recaps! All of your pictures are so beautiful, and it looks like you all had so much fun. My wedding is coming up in a couple months, so your pictures made me really excited!

  12. I believe in a thing called love?? so cute!

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    Pretty helpful information on your wedding reception and this reminded me of my brother’s reception which was arranged at a grand event space Chicago. Made good arrangements and table centrepieces and had great time there. It was a memorable event.

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