Dirty Laundry

Breaking from the wedding recaps.

Before I bought a domain for this blog, my URL was AnnaHatesLaundry…and that is a literal take on the way I feel about laundry. I hate it.  And I’ll put off doing it for as long as possible. Thank goodness the amount of panties in my drawer is embarrassingly high. And Mike wears a uniform that he has multiples of. Anyway – the laundry room at our house got out of hand, not only because the laundry was piling up, but because it was out of order and just in complete disarray. There were things that needed to be taken out to the shed, trash, random tools, I didn’t even want to go in there because of the way it looked.

Now, I am not the type of blogger that has a perfectly designed home, an eye for interior decor, or the endless budget to post regularly about the fabulous clothes I wear (also, the dress code at my office is ridiculously casual and I don’t have to look cute. Ever.)

But every once in a while I figure out how to redecorate a room in a way that leaves me feeling like I’ve accomplished something. And that’s what happened this weekend.

To give you an idea of what I was working with, here are some before pictures:

I know, right? And no, I’m not ashamed to post these.  Nobody is perfect. Not even in the blog world. And if half of the blogs I followed were a little bit more realistic, maybe I wouldn’t be so bitter after browsing Pinterest for an hour.

Here is the after (2 days of work):

Here’s what I did:

After we remodeled the kitchen (THANKS MOM AND DAD), we saved two of the cabinets. I repainted them with some leftover paint so that we could add storage above the washer and dryer. Yes, I did this all by myself (the painting part)! I ventured to my beloved Hobby Lobby, and whattya know, 50% off ALL KNOBS, so I scooped up some adorable fixtures for said cabinets. I wanted something to hide the water heater, so I went to Habitat for Humanity and found a folding closet door. To hide the ugly storage shelf, I bought a pattern curtain and hemmed it to the correct length. With the left over, I made a little panel curtain to put in the empty space under the shorter cabinet.

Cabinets and Paint – $0
New knobs for cabinets – $8
Habitat door – $12
Curtains for under cabinet and shelf – $24
Total – $44

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    It looks great! I know what you mean about the blogger world sometimes. Sometimes I fear I don't have anything good to post about since I'm not currently in a place I can redecorate and can't afford expensive clothes. It does put a damper on things sometimes!

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    Looks great girl! Love that green fabric! 🙂

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    Your laundry room is too cue!

  4. Reply

    nice! don't you just love a good (and inexpensive) project? ps: bravo for posting some honest "before" pictures! it's refreshing to read some honesty in the blog world!

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