Wedding Day: Part 1

I spent the majority of my wedding day
dousing myself in perfume and searching out the air conditioning
vents at our venue, simultaneously cursing the 90-degree March air
and unheard of springtime heat index. My temperature sensitivity,
despite countless pleadings from this bride’s inner diva, decided not
to take a leave of absence on the most important day of my life. My
maid of honor followed me around when she could, fanning my under
arms with a god-sent shoebox lid, and dabbing my forehead when and
where sweat beads developed. Mother nature didn’t seem to care that
my dress weighed more than a chocolate addicted sumo wrestler after a year of binge eating, and
layer upon layer of tulle and lace created an environment for the
lower half of my body that I would not wish for my greatest enemy to
endure. Should I ever feel the desire to be an inventor, wedding
dresses with built-in skirt fans will be the first thing I patent.  Nobody steal my idea.
At around 9:00 Saturday morning, my
bridal party and I woke up and ventured down to the dining room of
the Inn. My parents booked all 6 rooms for us, and the owners didn’t
seem to mind turning their property into a sorority house for the
weekend. Of course we had rules to follow, like when
and how to properly lock the front door, not to leave flat irons on
for extended periods of time (apparently 19th century bed
and breakfasts are exceptionally susceptible to fire), and things of
that nature. 
We had
appointments downtown for our hair and makeup after breakfast. My carb radar smelled something delicious
coming from the kitchen, and the lady of the house ended up bringing a tray full of
croissants and warm butter out as a starter. I debated eating them
all on my own, but opted to share in an effort to fit into my gown
later that afternoon. The croissants were followed by an egg
casserole and fruit salad, along with some thick sliced bacon and
hash browns. We ate like birds, and in hindsight might have offended
her. But when 6 sorority girls are in the same room, they tend to
spend more time talking about eating than actually indulging in the
We’d gotten our nails done the day before.
The photographers arrived around 2:00 and documented the remaining preparations. My bridesmaids has already gotten dressed, so pretty much all that was left to do was zip me up. As soon as the dress was on, I started sweating and immediately wished I’d chosen to get married in the dead of winter. If there is one thing I absolutely do not tolerate, it is sweating for no reason. If I’m working out, that’s one thing. But simply standing outside in the shade in MARCH and sweating infuriates me. I started complaining and any hope of capturing the dream photos I’d found on Pinterest went out the window. All I wanted to do was escape the B&B (because the innkeepers didn’t believe in AC apparently…) and get to the venue where I knew it would be cooler. Obviously I regret this now.

 Suiting up

 I had two garters – my FSU garter was the one I tossed. The blue garter was also my mom’s on her wedding day and doubled as my something blue.

The boys got ready at a B&B across the street –

And then we headed to the venue! Stay tuned…although I guess you already know how this story ends…


Compulsive snacker. Bleeding heart. Unhealthy obsession with Tom Hanks and cats. Florida State and Syracuse University alum.

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  1. Though it was hot, you and the B&B look gorgeous in the photos.

  2. what a gorgeous wedding album…you make a gorgeous bride!!

  3. You look stunning! Can't even tell you were sweating. 🙂 Though I totally agree with you – sweating for no reasons is the most infuriating thing ever.

  4. You are an absolute beauty first off. So glad you found me so that I could find you! I'm knee deep in wedding planning right now so I love this post! That venue looks perfect, like something out of a Southern dream. I adore it!

  5. Oh girl, you crack me up! I got married in May in North Carolina and I have never sweat so much in my entire life. The sweat is one thing I remember more than anything else about that day.You look KILLER. And those bridesmaid dresses. I think they just made me love pink.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog…your photos are BEAUTIFUL! What an exciting time for you two 🙂 Best wishes on this new chapter! xox

  7. You look SO beautiful! Just stunning!

  8. So pretty! I'm a sucker for wedding photos…I love all the genuine emotion. Looks like you had a beautiful wedding day, despite the whole dress-weighing-as-much-as-a-sumo-wrestler thing 😛

  9. I am speechless. that "inn" … ahhh. and your dress. and the robes. every single detail is amazing. every single one. congrats!

  10. In love with your pictures, and I love that you wore your moms garter! so neat

  11. Your photographer did such a great job! You look beautiful in these pictures, as always!

  12. Welll geeezepeetes. That is just the most beauuuutiful venue!! Straight out of Gone with the Wind!! Which is my most favorite movie ever…so major jealousy over here…. ahhh! Loving the wedding recaps! They are my favorite posts to swoon over!

  13. You are one absolutely gorgeous bride!!

  14. Just stunning! you wear a great bridal dress. the dress color is simply super. I like this Album.

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